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Professionally Moderated Group Support
for Healthcare Professionals,
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What is Cabana?

Immersive, anonymous group support anytime, anywhere.

The first digital support platform designed for healthcare workers

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Together with

Cabana is a platform dedicated to the wellness of healthcare workers.

Cabana is excited to welcome Ochsner Health employees into the Cabana community of healthcare workers nationwide.  We are committed to social support for healthcare workers and the unique challenges we face.   Welcome to a new community of support with privacy on your terms!
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Group Sessions

Creating Communities of Support a World Away

Experience anonymous group sessions with your peers from healthcare institutions across the country.

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Connect with peers facing a shared challenge
Join by phone, laptop,
or VR headset
Disguise your
voice and name
Moderated by experienced professionals
Relax in a peaceful and calming room setting
Rest assured there's no camera and no pressure

Learn to cope and heal together with discussions that resonate.

Get support from peers on everything from dealing with loss to navigating parenthood for the first time.

We all have coping strategies – some good and some not so – join peers in talking through how to stay inspired to manage stress in a healthy manner

Rough day? Use this time to get a difficult day off your chest so you can make the most of tomorrow and tonight.

Whether it's the first, second, or third child, the first few months are wrought with change. Join other parents dealing with the joys and stresses of a new family member.

This is a very cool format. I appreciate the centralized format and the anonymity piece.

— Anonymous Participant

This meeting is really cool. I feel like I’m in the future.

— Anonymous Participant

Now that I’m able to sit here, in the forest space, it’s exactly where I want to be right now.

— Anonymous Participant

Cabana Champions

Compassionate, Proactive, Committed

As a participant, your voice is heard with sound support from people in your shoes.

Email us at to learn more about becoming a Cabana Champion

Did you know?

  • Depression affects 350 million people worldwide, and one in five Americans face an emotional crisis every year—including healthcare professionals.

  • Nearly 60% of people who suffer from mental health issues never discuss it at work because it is so stigmatized.

  • Depressed employees miss between six and 25 more days of work each year due to mental illness, and they suffer from impaired performance for 13-29% of their coveted time.

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Experience group sessions anonymously, with no cameras & no pressure. We're here to listen.

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